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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Scent & Co

If you are like me, and have a slight perfume obsession, then you will really enjoy what awaits you at Scent & Co. This brand offer you the chance to try out many different perfumes that you may not have otherwise tried,  perhaps, in my case, due to the fact that many of the higher end, expensive branded perfumes are only available in large volumes which in turn makes them not very affordable. 

Scent & Co 'offer choice, flexibility and portability', of a number of high end perfumes at affordable prices, a perfect way for you to find your ideal scent. This is a subscription service, where you will be charged upfront for either a one, three or twelve month period. 

How it works: Choose your fragrance from a collection of over 450 premium, high end perfumes or have a scent hand picked for you. After you have chosen you then receive your fragrance in the post, in a cute 10ml supply bottle that should last you a month. 

Once you have an account, you can access your scent calendar, where you can add to and edit your queue of perfumes into the order that you would like to receive them. You can recycle the empty glass vial once used, but you can keep the metal case it is contained in and then place your next scent in there once received. 

At the moment there are so many amazing fragrances to choose from, including brands such as Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Thierry Mugler. As well as one of my favourite perfumes of all time, Vikor and Rolf's Flowerbomb. 

You can visit Scent & Co at their website or follow them on their social media pages; FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Uncommon Goods Review

Uncommon goods is a Brooklyn based American online retailer and catalogue that provides designs by independent retailers. There are so many interesting, useful and unique products to choose from that I found myself browsing the site for ages.

Even though Uncommon Goods is an American website, they provide prices in pound sterling, whilst shipping to the UK with low international rates, no additional charges at delivery and duties and taxes calculated at the checkout.

The pineapple tumbler is a two-piece product, made of aluminium and has a brass finish that is perfect for serving fancy cocktails or frozen desserts and there is a removable lid which can also serve as a base. 

I chose the Pineapple Tumbler as I have seen so many of these around lately and think they are a really sophisticated symbol of hospitality that provide a warm welcome to any guests you may have. They look great on your dinner table as a decoration or actually used as a tumbler for a drink. It is beautiful and well crafted and would make a perfect gift - even the box it arrived in was cute!

I didn't have to wait long for the item to arrive and the overall website experience was easy and straightforward.

I definitely recommend taking a look at Uncommon Goods as there is so much to browse and choose from.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Brush Bar Review and Discount Code

The Brush Bar are an innovative and unique company that create tools that make cleaning your make up brushes and drying them easier.

Both are tools that I now highly value within my collection and that are used every time I clean my brushes.

The Brush Bar is a really well thought out tool that enables your make up brushes to remain damage free as this is a stand that keeps them vertical and the water to run down and out the brush protecting the bristles of your brush. The bar is also a great way to store your brushes if you like to have them out on display; the stand has individual pincer like pegs to keep the brush in place. Instead of laying my brushes down flat once cleaned to dry, this tool is a great alternative and a really smart idea.

The Brush Board is an exfoliator that can deep clean your brushes by reaching between the bristles for a quick and effective clean that means less time scrubbing your foundation brush to remove all the make up! The board has six different textures to choose from so different types of brushes can be deep cleaned. 

These tools have really proven useful and I can not imagine them not being a part of my cleaning routine now, they make the process and rather boring chore quicker and easier and much more rewarding. Brush maintenance is a frustrating aspect of make up and I commend this brand for making products that really change the way I clean my brushes. Both boards also come with a cute velour case to protect and store them. 

For 15% off your entire first purchase at The Brush Bar use the code 'LAURA15'

Visit their website: 

Visit their social media sites:

Saturday, 12 August 2017

3ina Cosmetics - UV Collection

'A bold, brave, new approach to beauty' 

A statement that is definitely true when it comes to describing the products from 3ina in this particular range. I was kindly sent a few products from their UV range, an innovative and frankly out there set of products. I had so much fun playing around with the products and shining the UV light to show results.

 They are brilliant for festivals and parties, sadly such events do not occur often in my life, but I would have definitely used this range weekly back in my university days as so many people had fluorescent parties! However, I did enjoy experimenting with them in the comfort of my own bedroom, and the eyeliner can be used daily as it is a black pencil that shines blue under UV light. 

The Fluoro Cream Eyshadow: Available in three shades, I received the orange shade, which is bright and intense. It blended really well and was easy to use, without feeling sticky once applied. This is priced at £10.95.

The Fluoro Eye Pencil: A black pencil that appears a bright neon blue under UV light, but is smudge-proof and I even found this to be long lasting, despite not really getting on well with pencil eyeliners. This is priced at £8.95.

The Fluoro Top Coat: The fluoro top coat can be applied on top of your favourite nail polish and give an intense colour under UV light, or used alone it can add an extra layer of strength and protection to the nail 6.95 

I was impressed with the quality of these products and hope to use more from them in the future. 

Visit their website here:

Visit their social media sites here:

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Love Me Beauty - July Edit

I was overwhelmed with last month's bag by how generous they were with the products inside. Love Me Beauty really do not hold back on offering their customers a variety of different products, from a number of different brands, switching it up from old but holy grail favourites, to products that I have not heard of before. Below are the products from this past months bag and I will definitely be purchasing some of these in their full sized versions. 

Remember to use the code 'laurae17' and you can get get yourself a free EcoTools Perfecting Blender Duo!  

July's bag included;

Ecotools Blender Duo - a review on these sponges can be found further back on my blog, but the bigger sponge in this duo is now my go to and has overtaken the Real Techniques sponge.

Ecotools Retractable Face Brush- A compact, travel friendly kubuki brush that can be twisted to disappear into the container to protect the brush and to make it easy for storing and travelling.

Nib + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads - I have only really recently been trying out Nip and Fab products, but these cleansing pads are a game changer as I'm all for skin care products that are easy to use and don't make a mess. These also feel like they are really giving my skin a good clean at the end of the day and primes it well for any serums or moisturisers. 

Nailsinc - This is a gorgeous cerise pink shade, that is bright and vibrant and did not chip on my nails until four days into wear!

Rodial Dragons Blood Eye Masks -  I am yet to use this, but after using the dragon's blood products from Nib and Fab and being really interested in those products, I am really looking forward to using this. These are designed to hydrate and tone the delicate eye area. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

I love Jewellery box and have been a fan of them for ages. They were kind enough to give me the opportunity to pick out some pieces from their website to wear and write about. The pieces I received are beautiful, elegant and dainty, and whilst they look minimal, I believe the jewellery from Jewellerybox have the ability to add that finishing touch to an outfit.

I picked out a pair of silver and gold tiny hoops as I want my earring collection to grow with some high quality pieces and I often get fed up of wearing studs all the time. These remind me of the small sleepers I used to wear during school and I think when these are matched with some studs (as I have multiple piercings in my ears), they will compliment each other well. 

I am also really into stacking small rings at the moment as I think it looks pretty and elegant. The ones I received are small and not bulky, they really compliment each other well and remind me of the Pandora stacking rings . I received a sterling silver and moonstone June birthstone twisted rope ring, a gorgeous and well detailed ring. As well as the Sterling Silver 1mm Ring with CZ Crystal Bow, a really simple but stated ring that is pretty and subtly sparkly, and rarely wear these individually as I love pairing these two together. 

I was also kindly sent the sterling silver ship anchor necklace on an 18 inch chain. I don't own many small and dainty necklaces and so have not worn this type of jewellery much since I was a teenager. This necklace sits so nicely around the neck with the anchor sitting just in between my collar bones. I used to be really into wearing lots of jewellery, especially statement pieces, and then for some reason around the time I left school I just did not wear much jewellery anymore. By adding delicate and dainty pieces to my now small collection, I think it will definitely help me to fall in love with wearing various different types of jewellery now, instead of just simply sticking to rings and stud earrings. 

I have definitely fallen in love with these pieces from JewelleryBox and will certainly be heading to their website first in the future. Please visit their website here. Also check out their social media sites: Twitter and Instagram.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

UltraDex Travel Essentials

I was recently kindly sent this set of travel essentials from UltraDEX, perfectly designed for your holidays. 

The newer small sized versions of the products help you to stay well under those tight luggage allowances and leaving you space for that extra bikini you really don't need to pack.

Every core UktraDEX product contains the advanced iQ + ActiveOxi Technology which eliminates bad breath bacteria, and leaves your breath minty fresh. The UltraDEX Daily Oral Rinse is in a cute 100ml sized bottle, a great travel size, and really does leave your breath super fresh. 

The mouthwash works with your natural oral pH level to meet the individual needs of your mouth, and helps to whiten your teeth within 14 days by gently oxidising organic stains. Using this after the Low Abrasion toothpaste, which not only masks bad smells but neutralises them by stopping the action of bacteria, means your breath is extra protected against the intrusion of odour. The toothpaste is also suitable for sensitive teeth. 

My personal favourite out of the three products I received is the Fresh Breath Oral Spray, my new alternative to gum to give you that instant fresher breath, that is quick, easy and discreet, also great during travelling, or after a long flight, it is also the perfect size to keep in your handbag or pocket. It has a clean minty taste, is 100% free of alcohol and sugar and suitable for vegans.

I did not particularly find that my teeth appeared all that much whiter, but they were definitely brighter. I think to see full effects I would need to stop drinking tea and coffee which is an extremely hard thing for me to do!

The complete core travel range has a combined total price of £12.90, available online or from Boots. I have used up nearly all of the three products over the past two to three weeks and am really considering purchasing the products again for my holiday in October. 

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